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Hilton Head Island Gator Locator!

Wondering where to find alligators on Hilton Head Island?

Here are some places where you will find gators on the island or nearby:

  • Port Royal Plantation/Highway 278 - Gators have been sighted from the bike path near mile marker #6 at the entrance to Port Royal Plantation. Look for them on the South Side of the entrance on the golf course. There is a large lagoon just across the fairway where you will find them sunning themselves.

  • Jarvis Creek Park - Public park next to Walmart near mile marker #3. Great dock out into the lake for safe watching up close. Alligators and turtles will approach the dock looking for a handout. But remember, don't feed the alligators! Once they lose their fear of humans, they must be destroyed. If you feed him, you are killing him!

  • Hilton Head Prep - Inside Sea Pines near the back entrance. Almost always a gator sunning himself at the lagoons on Lawton Drive at the entrance to the nature preserve and the school. $5 gate pass to enter Sea Pines.

  • Sea Pines Nature Preserve - Near the back entrance of Sea Pines inside the plantation. Ask the security gate how to get there. Fishing Lake usually has several alligators near the dock. $5 gate pass to enter Sea Pines.

  • Savannah National Wildlife Refuge - Highway 17 on the way to Savannah. Home to hundreds of wild gators plus many other endangered or threatened species!

  • Spring Lake - Inside Hilton Head Plantation at Spring Lake recreation area. Nice lake with docks for safe observation. Not open to the general public.

  • Crossings Park - Just outside the park on Arrow Road there is a small lagoon beside the street next to the paved bike path. We often see two big gators sunning here.
  • Here's a great Island Packet Newspaper article about Critter Management catching and killing alligators fed by humans: Click Here

    Here's a great Island Packet Newspaper article about Alligator mating rituals: Click Here

    Remember it is illegal to feed alligators. It may seem cool to throw food to an alligator and watch him swallow it whole, but you are almost certainly guaranteeing that he will be caught and killed. Once they lose their fear of humans and start associating people with a free meal, they must be destroyed.

    Have you sighted an alligator recently? Let us know where by emailing!

    Article SC Man mauled by alligator 6/6/1999
    FWC Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission - Alligator Facts
    Nature on Hilton Head Island great web page about alligators and other wildlife on Hilton Head Island

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